9:30am – 9:35amWelcome Remarks
9:40am – 9:55amKeynote Address
10:00am – 10:15amKeynote Speech
10:20am – 10:50amPanel: CBDC: The Great Experiment in Greater Bay Area
10:55am – 11:25amPanel: Asset Tokenization and New Market Opportunities
11:30am – 12:00pmPanel: Fintech State of Mind: Trading, Payments, & Custody
12:05pm – 12:20pmKeynote speech: Credibility and Transparency in Digital Mining
12:20pm – 12:50pmPanel: Mining Industry in 2020
12:55pm – 1:25pmFireside chat: Borderless Technology: When AI meets Blockchain
1:30pm – 2:00pmPanel
2:05pm – 2:20pmKeynote Speech
2:25pm – 2:55pmPanel: Post-COVID: How 2020 Changed Blockchain Landscape
3:00pm – 3:30pmPanel: Blockchain for Good: Global Social Impact Use Cases
3:35pm – 4:05pmPanel: Investment: Looking Forward to the New Technologies?
4:10pm – 4:40pmPanel: The State of Blockchain Regulation and Governance
4:45pm – 5:00pmSmart Cities Life: Applying Smart Technologies for Greater Urban Impact


9:40am – 9:55amKeynote Speech
10:00am – 10:15amKeynote Speech
10:20am – 10:50am – Fireside Chat
10:55am – 11:25am
Panel: DeFi: What’s exciting about DAO, Sushi and Yield Farming?
11:30am – 11:45amKeynote Speech
11:50am – 12:20pm
Panel: Where are we with Mass Adoption in 2020
12:25pm – 12:55pmPanel: Digital Economy: What’s New for Governments and Businesses
1:00pm – 1:30pmPanel: Digital Assets: Data Science Heaven and Financial Tool
1:35pm – 2:05pmPanel: Enterprise and Blockchain
2:10pm – 2:40pmPanel: European Angle: Reality and Future of Blockchain Companies Operating in Europe
2:45pm – 3:00pmKeynote Speech
3:05pm – 3:35pm – Panel: Tokenized Assets: Compliance, Issuance, Distribution
3:40pm – 4:10pmPanel: Compliance for Blockchain: Regulatory Hurdles and FATF Guidelines
4:15pm – 4:45pmPanel: Security and Privacy in Blockchain Networks: Myths and Reality
4:45pm – 5:00pmKeynote Speech

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